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Welcome to PS3 Real Estate, where expertise meets excellence in the world of real estate. With a solid foundation in general construction and a wealth of knowledge in foundations, roofing, widows and siding, I bring a unique perspective to the home-buying and selling experience.


Armed with a marketing degree and deep reservoir of sales expertise, I am not just a REALTOR; I am your trusted guide through the intricate landscape of real estate transactions. My commitment is to ensure that your journey, whether buying or selling, is seamless and rewarding.


In every transaction, I leverage my construction background to provide valuable insights into the structural integrity of a home. This, coupled with a passion for marketing, allows me to showcase the properties in the best light and secure optimal outcomes for my clients.


Let my experience be your ADVANTAGE in navigating the real estate market. Your dream home or ideal buyer is just a step away, and I am here to make that step a success!


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